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Doctors Appointment Scheduling Software for Clinic

Healthcare Scheduling Software helps in driving the organised appointment bookings for Doctors that is more precision driven and delivering the best outcomes.


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Schedulat for Booking Health Care Appointments

Easy Scheduling with seamless Booking

Easily book your appointments at the available time that will be displayed transparently for the customers to book at their convenient time from any device anywhere
healthcare Booking website Healthcare Service

Non-Working hours? Let learners just book their spot

Let customers book appointments on the available time even during non-working hours and never let them go away.
healthcare 24 7 Healthcare Service

Hassle-free online payment transactions

Experience the smooth and secure transaction of the payment with a flick of seconds because we know that keeping the financial records and generating the invoices takes up a lot of time.
healthcare payments Healthcare Service

No mishap regarding the booked or upcoming appointments

Do not let your customers miss out on any appointments. We do not want customers to book an appointment and never show up. Yes, we know how much manual reminders and notifications would take up time and hence automated reminders will take care of it.
Automated reminders Healthcare Service

See What Our Customers Have to Say!


John Deo

As a salon owner, I used to struggle with managing appointments and keeping track of my clients’ schedules. Since implementing the appointment booking and scheduling software, my life has become so much easier!

Maria Smith

I run a small dental practice, and the appointment booking and scheduling software has been a game-changer for us. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Irish Wastson

As a personal trainer, my schedule can get pretty hectic. The appointment booking and scheduling software has been a lifesaver for me.

Who Is Schedulat For?

Join companies and creators using Software

See how easy it is to build internal tools without bothering your engineering team.

The most efficient Healthcare Scheduling Software


Precise calendar for the Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

Manage every appointments of any particular department. Only let patients book their appointments when the slots are empty so that both of the timings are not wasted.

Responsive Booking Page of Healthcare Scheduling Software

Let patients book their appointments on convenient time. The responsive booking page of Schedulat lets book from any devices. Patients will exactly know which time slots are available for their consulting and treatment.
healthcare professional booking Healthcare Service
healthcare Multiple location Healthcare Service

Consult your patients globally

May it be any city, state or country, consult your patients from any part of the world. May it be different time zone, never miss out on any patients by organised booking schedules of the Schedulat.

Everything to know about the Healthcare Scheduling Software

booking website

Booking Website

No fuss of managing the website externally. Build a Booking Website that needs

email notification

SMS and Email Notifications

Configure and edit e-mail and SMS notifications (upcoming appointment, appointment follow-up, status change…)

group booking

Group Booking

Define the value of the customers by tagging and labelling the discounts that you offer to your customers. Let customers have some perks.

outlook calender

Outlook Calendar

Integrate with Outlook Calendar to easily schedule and book appointments. It is an easiest way to book from Outlook from Schedulat itself.

google meet

Google Calendar & Google Meet

Easily integrate your appointment meets through absolutely free Google Calendar and Google Meet.

zoom integration

Zoom Integration

Carry forward your meetings with Zoom to carry forward your appointments. It is easy to schedule and highly accessible through which services are carried forward in the most convenient ways.


Customize the Booking Form or Page

Design your booking form according to your business and brand. Upload your brand logo, brand name, brand colour theme and much more.


Recurring Appointments

Easy booking of the repeated appointments from the same customers and for same or different services. If you have loyal customers give them away the best discounts and loyalty points.


Free /Permanente


$ 12 /Month

$ 24 /Month


$ 100 /Month


Free /Permanente


$ 24 /Month

$ 48 /Month


$ 200 /Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Health care scheduling software is a digital platform designed to help health care providers manage patient appointments, staff schedules, and resource allocation. The software allows patients to book medical appointments online, while providers can efficiently manage their schedules, send appointment reminders, and track patient information. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for both patients and providers to manage appointments and communicate with each other.

To book a medical appointment, simply visit the scheduling software’s website or app and select the type of service you require (e.g., general consultation, specialist visit, diagnostic test, etc.). Choose an available date and time slot that works for you, enter your personal and contact information, and confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation email or notification with the details of your appointment.

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel a medical appointment through the health care scheduling software. To do so, log in to your account, go to the “My Appointments” section, and select the appointment you’d like to modify. From there, you can choose to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Please note that each health care provider may have their own cancellation policy, so be sure to review the terms before making any changes.

Yes, most health care scheduling software platforms send automated reminders to patients before their scheduled appointments. You may receive reminders via email, text message, or in-app notification, depending on the software’s features and your communication preferences. These reminders help ensure that you don’t miss your appointment and that you receive timely medical care.

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