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Enchant Your Customers: A Visually Stunning Website Crafted with Love

Discover Schedulat’s artful website templates—your canvas for crafting a bespoke booking experience that radiates uniqueness and captivates your audience
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Booking Brilliance: Embrace the No-Code Web Revolution!

Discover Schedulat, the game-changer for businesses with or without a website. Our no-code website builder crafts a stand-alone booking site, showcasing services and locations while simplifying bookings. User-friendly and code-free, Schedulat also integrates seamlessly with existing websites, elevating the booking experience
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Unleash Your Brand's Digital Allure: Booking Website, curated for you

Schedulat’s eight artful themes, in Light or Dark variations, offer boundless customization to reflect your brand’s essence. Play with palettes, fonts, and patterns; showcase your logo; and fine-tune details for a personalized touch. Plus, speak to a global audience with Schedulat’s multilingual capabilities.

Craft a Booking Haven: Your Distinctive Domain, Our Expertise

Though we curate the hosting and maintenance, your booking website exudes your unique identity with a custom domain. A few effortless steps, and you’ll unveil a digital sanctuary that’s unmistakably yours, ready to welcome visitors in no time.
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Gather Insights, Elevate Experiences

Schedulat empowers you to pose pivotal questions during the booking journey, effortlessly amassing customer insights without direct contact. Craft bespoke fields, collect responses, and eliminate extraneous calls or emails. With this wealth of knowledge, you’re primed to deliver unparalleled experiences, delighting customers at every turn.

Know what our customers have to say!


John Deo

As a salon owner, I used to struggle with managing appointments and keeping track of my clients’ schedules. Since implementing the appointment booking and scheduling software, my life has become so much easier

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Maria Smith

I run a small dental practice, and the appointment booking and scheduling software has been a game-changer for us. The software is intuitive and easy to use.


Irish Wastson

As a personal trainer, my schedule can get pretty hectic. The appointment booking and scheduling software has been a lifesaver for me.


Customer Management is easy yet professionally

outlook calender

Outlook Calendar

Sync your and your employees' personal and professional events by connecting Outlook calendars. Appointments booked in Schedulat will be added to Outlook calendars, and Outlook calendar's busy slots will not be available for booking in Schedulat.

google meet

Google Calendar & Google Meet

If you want to offer a discount or even a free appointment to your customers - all you need to do is define the value of each coupon.

zoom integration

Zoom Integration

When booking the appointment, automatically create Zoom meetings for the linked account. Both customer and employee will receive a booking confirmation email with the Zoom meeting details.

occupancy rate

Occupancy Rate Across a Certain Period

Occupancy rate is calculated as the percentage of the total working hours of every employee compared to the hours booked through the appointments for every employee. Choose for which period you want to see the occupancy rate.

returning customer rate

Percentage of Returning Customers

See the percentage of the customers who have booked appointments with you multiple times over the period you set and find out your retention rate.
booked appointments count

Number of Booked Appointments

Find out the total number of booked appointments for all employees over the period you set.
cancelled appointments count

Number of Canceled Appointments

Find out the number of canceled appointments for all employees over the period you set.

employee service performance

Employee and Service Performance

The performance section shows the top three employees and services with the highest or lowest occupancy rate, depending on how you choose to sort the section., either by the most occupied or by the least occupied.

Frequently Asked Questions

The no-code booking page feature in appointment booking and scheduling software allows users to create and customize their own online booking pages without the need for coding or technical expertise. This feature provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and customization options, enabling users to design professional and personalized booking pages for their services.

Creating a booking page using the no-code booking page feature is simple and intuitive. You can start by selecting a template or design from the available options in the software. Next, use the drag-and-drop editor to add elements such as service descriptions, images, booking forms, and availability calendars. Customize the design, colors, and branding to match your business identity. Once you are satisfied with the layout, save and publish the booking page to make it accessible to your clients.

No, you do not need any technical skills to use the no-code booking page feature. The feature is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals with no coding or web design experience. The drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates make it easy for anyone to create and customize a booking page.

Yes, the no-code booking page feature offers a range of customization options that allow you to tailor the appearance and branding of your booking page. You can choose from different design templates, customize colors and fonts, add your logo and images, and personalize the content to match your business identity and style.

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