Unlock business success with Powerful Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of your business performance, employee schedules, and service bookings with Schedulat’s all-in-one dashboard.
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Get total insights for the business earned revenue and occupancy

Monitor your business performance in real-time with booked and cancelled appointments, occupancy of services, and revenue generated over a period of your choice – all on one easy-to-use dashboard.
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Track the customer retention rate

Schedulat tells the ratio of new customer engagement and old customer retention rate, for keeping the track of the total interaction. It gives clarity up to the previous six months. 

Look whos in much demand for the service

The performance section in Schedulat’s dashboard tells you which services are the customer’s favourite and also gives the record of the best-demanded employee. 
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What our customers think about Schedulat for their Business


John Deo

As a salon owner, I used to struggle with managing appointments and keeping track of my clients’ schedules. Since implementing the appointment booking and scheduling software, my life has become so much easier!

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Maria Smith

I run a small dental practice, and the appointment booking and scheduling software has been a game-changer for us. The software is intuitive and easy to use.


Irish Wastson

As a personal trainer, my schedule can get pretty hectic. The appointment booking and scheduling software has been a lifesaver for me.


Performance Metrics Tracked

new customer count

New Customers Count

Track the number of new customers who booked appointments with you within the past six months.

daily occupancy

Daily Occupancy per Team Member

View the occupancy rate for each team member on a daily basis.

revenue generated

Revenue Generated

Check the revenue you earned during the timeframe you set with the "Date Picker". Choose to see the total paid, pending, or both.

occupancy rate

Occupancy Rate by Timeframe

Check the occupancy rate of every employee by comparing their total working hours to their booked appointment hours over a selected period.

returning customer rate

Returning Customers Rate

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booked appointments count

Booked Appointments Count

Find the total number of appointments booked for all employees during the selected period.
cancelled appointments count

Cancelled Appointments Count

Track the number of cancelled appointments for all employees over the selected period.
employee service performance

Employee and Service Performance

View the top three employees and services with the highest or lowest occupancy rate, sorted by the most or least occupied.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Business Dashboard Feature, you can have the whole business at a glance which will save time to take individual’s update of particular activity. Features like current week or month’s generated revenue, last booked appointments or upcoming appointments and much more. 

Schedulat Business Dashboard is very much user-friendly as it helps to showcase the total revenue generated of current week to current month, total performance rate of particular services or employees, booked appointments and much more.

Any business that needs booking or scheduling appointments, Schedulat is the one for you. 

Yes, Schedulat offers the real-time data monitoring in the dashboard, and you will have your whole business at a glance. No need of keeping the records from all over the place instead get every information from one feature.

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