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Because scaling is about the “System” not Business

Manually management of Appointments

Say goodbye to traditional appointment booking and management. Get out of the fuss of remembering all the appointments and loosing the control over mind. You would surely face;
Manually management of Appointments

Automated Appointment Booking and Scheduling

Schedulat brings out the ease of work by automatically handling the appointment booking and scheduling. You would surely have all the pros because;

How it works

By default Calendars for Scheduling

Schedulat provides with the by-default calendar to book and schedule all the appointments in one according to date and time.

Set the Availability Time

Set time according to your time zone and the time when you are available to take up the service.

Enable or Disable the Scheduling Reminders

Get the option of sending the automated reminder notifications to customers and employees. Everything up-to you.

Avail Service on your time

Get your service done on your scheduled time that will be absolutely convenient for you.


Schedulat is accurately made for You and your Customers


Embeddable Booking Form

If you have a website, you can embed a booking form through an iframe to any page of your website, and your clients will be able to book directly on your website.


Booking Website

Schedulat functions as a no-code website builder and automatically generates a booking page you can access through Schedulat dashboard, embed into your website, share directly with your clients, or place it in any social media account you have.


Customize the Booking Form or Page

Choose one of the multiple themes for the booking page and customize the design, edit the order of steps for the booking form. Translate into multiple languages and reorder steps in the booking flow.


Share Appointments

On the Appointments page, you can find a button Share Booking form, which will allow you to share the details of an appointment with your customer quickly.


Auto-Detect Time Zones

Schedulat will automatically detect the time zone from your customer’s computer and show slots in their time zone, while you will be able to see the slots in your time zone.


Add Appointment to Calendar for Customers

Customers can easily add the appointment details to their calendars by clicking on the 'add to calendar' button after scheduling the appointment. The appointment will be automatically added to Google, Outlook or iCal calendar.

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