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Service Business Scheduling Software Your Customers Will Love

Take charge of your business with Schedulat – the all-in-one software that simplifies scheduling, boosts sales, and manages teams and customers, so you can achieve your goals faster.

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Schedulat is a booking solution for

Schedulat is accurately made for You and your Customers

Increase Conversions By Up To 30%

Schedulat streamlines the booking process of your customers which defines the faster process to book and pay for your services, increasing the transparency for the availability and ultimately boosting customer conversions.

Easy integration with the tools you already use

Schedulat lets you connect with the multiple application and integration available to make your work easier and fulfil your business needs. May it be any application or platform like a meeting platform, payment gateways, etc.

Smooth website maintenance hassle-free

Schedulat will help in generating the SEO-focused booking page which can be easily integrated with Google and business cards. Embedding the booking form on your website is one of the best options that help in boosting sales. 

Increase Loyalty and Retention Rate by 20%

Schedulat will speed up and automate many routines: reminders to staff and customers, financial consolidation, managing schedules, etc. 

Spend 2h Less Daily on Administration

Schedulat will speed up and automate many routines: reminders to staff and customers, financial consolidation, managing schedules, etc. Spend less time in basics, focus on main.

Manage All the Schedules in a One Calendar

Integrate all of your employees’ calendars with Schedulat, and manage all schedules in one place – forget about the nightmare of checking availability for each one of them individually.

30k +

businesses and individual entrepreneurs from a variety of industries use our booking software solutions.

5m +

appointments and events worldwide were processed with the help of our booking software solutions.

$1m +

worth of online payments for bookings is being processed via our booking software solutions monthly.
A Complete Solution for You and Your Client’s Needs.

Booking Form and Website

Schedulat simplifies the scheduling process on all ends and speeds up every booking by 75%+

Schedulat Dashboard

Insightful Dashboard helps you and your staff track your business growth and stay on top of things all the time.
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Schedulat booking website and forms look perfect on any device, and Dashboard is always accessible even on your phone.

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Fully customizable booking forms help you stay in line with your brand and provide a beautiful experience to your customers.

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Bulletproof security

With constant online monitoring, alerts, and backups, Schdulat guarantees your online scheduling is working 24/7 without a glitch.

Online virtual sessions with zoom integration

Flexible schedule for multiple employees and locations

Customize Booking and Website with your branding

Sync all your appointments with Google Calendar

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Simplify your business with automated booking and payment

Drive more engagement and provide a personalised booking experience with Schedulat. Automate the booking process and drive the better routine.

Automated reminder setup for your customers

Make sure your customers do not forget or miss out on an already booked appointment. Both, customers and employees will receive an appointment reminder through Emails automated notifications.

Monitor your business performance

Schedulat booking software helps you increase sales by providing important business reports and dashboards to help you track the performance of your business through vital KPIs and statistics.

Bulletproof security and 24/7 uptime

Don’t lose valuable business because of downtime. Our scheduling software is backed up by enterprising technology, failover mode, constant online monitoring, backups, and alerts. Schedulat ensures that your fail-proof online booking page works 24/7.

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