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The ultimate solution for Customer Management in your Business

Change the way you manage your customers. Forget the traditional ways of managing customers. Enter every detail of customers that is needed and you do not need to ask every time when required. 
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Administer all of your customers using a solitary dashboard.

Easily manage your customer lists with Schedulat. Add, edit, or delete customers in a few clicks. No more sifting through countless documents to find a name – just drag and drop your existing lists into Schedulat. And when you need to export lists, it’s just as simple. Save hours every day with streamlined customer management.
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Know your customers better

Schedulat’s customer stats show you each customer’s appointment history and preferences. Use this data to delight loyal customers with coupons or birthday wishes, building lasting relationships.

Drive Customer engagement better for boosting business

Boost your bookings by up to 20% with 24/7 online booking convenience from Schedulat. When customers book with you, they can sync their appointments to their calendars for easy access. Keep customers loyal with automated SMS and email reminders, notifications, and follow-ups, keeping them in the loop at all times.

What our customers think about Schedulat for their Business


John Deo

As a salon owner, I used to struggle with managing appointments and keeping track of my clients’ schedules. Since implementing the appointment booking and scheduling software, my life has become so much easier! 

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Maria Smith

I run a small dental practice, and the appointment booking and scheduling software has been a game-changer for us. The software is intuitive and easy to use.


Irish Wastson

As a personal trainer, my schedule can get pretty hectic. The appointment booking and scheduling software has been a lifesaver for me. 


Customer Management is easy yet professionally

google meet

Google Calendar & Google Meet

By connecting Google calendars, you can synchronize personal and professional events. Schedulat appointments will be added to Google Calendars, and Google Calendar busy slots will not be available for Schedulat appointments.

outlook calender

Outlook Calendar

Connect your Outlook calendars with your employee's personal and professional calendars. Schedulat appointments will be added to Outlook calendars, and Outlook calendar's busy slots will not be available for booking in Schedulat.

customer profile with login

Individual Customer Profile with login

You will be able to allow your customers to log in to your booking website. Customers can create a profile by clicking the Login button in the upper right corner. Appointments can be managed under the customer profile.

send email notification

Send Email Notification

Set up and edit email notifications (upcoming appointments, appointment follow-ups, status changes...)

register unlimited customer

Get the customer list handy

Create a list of all your customers, including their names, email addresses, numbers and dates of booked appointments, and the first appointment you created. The list can be edited, deleted, or exported to a CSV file.

states insights

Stats and Insights

The Schedulat dashboard provides you with a variety of information about your business, including returning and new customers, employee and service performance, occupancy, and revenue.

register unlimited customer

Register unlimited customers

Admins and employees can manage customers, edit their information, keep track of loyal customers, and export and import customer lists.
send sms notification

Send SMS notification

SMS notifications (upcoming appointments, appointment follow-ups, status changes…) can be configured and edited.

Frequently Asked Questions

The customer management feature in scheduling software is a tool that allows users to manage and organize customer information, including contact details, appointment history, preferences, and notes. This feature helps businesses and service providers keep track of their customers, improve communication, and provide personalized services.

The customer management feature enhances the scheduling process by allowing users to quickly access customer information, view past and upcoming appointments, and make informed scheduling decisions. It also enables users to set up automated appointment reminders, send personalized messages, and offer tailored services based on customer preferences.

Yes, the customer management feature allows you to create detailed customer profiles that include information such as name, contact details, preferences, appointment history, and any custom fields you wish to add. These profiles provide a comprehensive view of each customer and help you deliver a personalized scheduling experience.

The customer management feature enables you to improve customer communication by sending automated appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-up messages. You can also use the feature to send personalized emails or text messages to customers, informing them of special offers, promotions, or changes to their appointments.

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