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Let your patient keep patience
with the scheduling software your clinic requires.

Medical appointments can never afford the “delays” and “cancellations”, but can repeatedly happen if managed manually. Automate and organise your booking software that is easy to use for the patient side and easy to manage from the clinic side. 

How it’s Work

Why waste time running the manual
scheduling of appointments?

Flexible online payment gateways availbility.

Reduce no-shows with email or SMS notifications for your clients

Rule down your business through online booking services.

Finding the perfect time to schdule appointments.


Dental Clinics



Schedulat provides wings to your business. Online appointment booking makes it more organised and easier for business owners and customers.

We know how chaotic it becomes to schedule the appointments over continuous calls from customers, to avoid the nightmare for your business, Schedulat is here to bring the peaceful bookings and scheduling.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business Owner - Schedulat

Manage finances for your consultation and staff

Every medical consultation has different charges and Schedulat is here to manage them. Schedulat will automatically apply the charges that are set when the appointment is booked. Sit back and keep on attending the incoming appointments. 

Running a multi-specialist clinic?

If you are still thinking about how to manage the multi-specialist and the chains of clinics with one software then it is high time to think about Schedulat. It lets you manage all your chains of hospitals under one roof. 

Easy managing staff with the calendar system

Managing every staff’s appointment with the individual login is now possible with Schedulat which helps with keeping track of the appointments booked. It becomes easier for the patients to get in touch directly with the specialist. 

Schedulat never lets you miss an appointment

The task is not over once the appointment is scheduled. Missing out on any appointment has no space considering the booking with Schedulat. The powerful automation helps in sending reminders for incoming appointments

Get ready with the preparation of treatment

There will be some treatments which will require a preparation from the beginning and patients should know about it too. Get the full treatment pre-planned. Let patients know about the preparation from their side in advance. Send follow-ups and monitor the progress of recurring patients. 

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Scheudlat is the scheduling and business management software right for your business. Schedulat is your only digital business partner that drafts a better experience in running any business. It objectifies the main three solutions: generating customer loyalty, providing well-organized schedules for your business, and outsourcing routine to automation