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Get yourself the smart scheduling
software, no matter your business

Do not worry about managing the bookings while running a small business. Schedulat helps you in keeping the focus on growing business rather stuck in the management of the appointments. Get the smartest scheduling software now. 

How it’s Work

Why waste time in running the
adminstration? Schedulat it now.

Flexible online payment gateways availbility.

Reduce no-shows with email or SMS notifications for your clients

Rule down your business through online booking services.

Finding the perfect time to schdule appointments.



Musicians and DJs

Small House Repairs

Schedulat provides wings to your business. Online appointment booking makes it more organised and easier for business owners and customers.

We know how chaotic it becomes to schedule the appointments over continuous calls from customers, to avoid the nightmare for your business, Schedulat is here to bring the peaceful bookings and scheduling.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business Owner - Schedulat

Can keep the multiple ranged prices for your service

Customising the price has never been a question considering the Schedulat. Set your appropriate prices according to your services. It will be all handled by Schedulat. 

Are you a jack of all trades?

Are you are providing multiple services in different or the same cities? Do not worry. With Schedulat you can easily manage multiple services easily.

Keep everybody up to date

With the power of automation, let everybody know about the existing appointments so that they do not miss attending them. Set automated email and SMS reminders for the updates. 

Create your own booking page

Brief your customers about your services, availability time, and charges of your service. You can carry out the branding by putting the brand logo with the company name and contact details under one company booking page. 

Clean, professional and well-designed responsive pages

Run this software on any device as it is well-designed with the proper responsive adjustments. The clean and professional design makes it easily accessible.

Real-time notifications to customers

Automate your scheduling of appointments, and forget about missing out on any appointments as it will remind you when the appointment is nearby time. Keep on reminding about the appointments with email and texts.

Accurate report and analytics

Do not forget about the work, because Schedulat reminds with the real-time notifications and the alerts on the updates and reminders.

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Scheudlat is the scheduling and business management software right for your business. Schedulat is your only digital business partner that drafts a better experience in running any business. It objectifies the main three solutions: generating customer loyalty, providing well-organized schedules for your business, and outsourcing routine to automation